We can close most deals in 5 – 7 business days. If a file is already prepped with borrower and project information, we can close as fast as the title company can move.

You will negotiate an origination fee in addition to ours that will be paid out at closing. Brokers typically charge 1-4 points.

Our portfolio manager will typically service the loan once it’s originated.

We pride ourselves on building long-lasting, symbiotic relationships with our brokers. We are willing to sign a non-circumvention for the project when necessary.

All you need to do is complete the broker registration form and we will follow up with instructions to get you more information on our loan products and processes.


We work closely with a number of real estate agents who service a portfolio of investor clients. What a conventional mortgage broker or loan officer is to a residential customer, a private or hard money lender can be that for a real estate investor. We are an extension of your network to help your clients get more purchases funded and more transactions closed.

For each property closed with our funding, you will receive $500 at closing paid out of our earnings. This means there is no additional cost to your client for referring them our way. We will even create a custom landing page that you can reference in your email campaigns which will track any loan applications placed through the web.

Our wholesale clients are some of our best referral partners. This is because we both service the same client base. Your cash buyers list is by and large already using some form of leverage or other people’s money (OPM) to close their deals. By getting set up as a referral partner, you establish a relationship with a hard money lender that you can referring to clients who need cash to close and collect $500 for every project that closes with us.

Most wholesalers we work with add a link to their email signature that says apply for a loan. This takes them to a custom landing page we create for you on our website and allows us to track loans closed.

We work closely with residential and commercial mortgage brokers to add our products to their arsenal so they can get more clients to closing. By referring us a client, you can get $500 paid out of our proceeds when the deal gets funded. For many agents, this is extremely advantageous because it provides another revenue stream from their sales funnel.

Anyone can receive a referral fee for referring a loan to us. You do not have to be an agent, wholesaler, or mortgage office to collect a referral fee or register for our referral program.

You will receive a check for $500 paid to you at the initial closing.

To get started, you just need to complete the referral partner registration and we will follow up with instructions and more information on our loan products and processes.


We lend in all Ohio markets as well as Southeastern Indiana and Northern Kentucky. Our headquarters is in Cincinnati, OH.

We are a small team, that underwrites our own deals in markets we understand well. We control our own pool of capital either from founder funds or private investor capital, which means we close when we say we can. No third party intermediaries are involved in the origination of the loan. When you give us a call, you know you are talking to the decision makers.

While our team is small, our processes are streamlined to provide a fast and professional level of service for your real estate deal. We take pride in our commitment towards maintaining ethics and building win-win relationships with the clients we serve. This means making connections and opening doors with vendors and other investors who can help you wherever you are at in your career or project.

Fix and Flip, Fix to Rent (BRRRR), and Bridge Financing all start at 12%. Our capital base is privately sourced, which means we have private investors who fund our company and we in turn fund your deals. This interest rate is optimal in our markets for meeting both private investor goals, real estate investor goals, and hard money lender goals.

No. Our loans are considered commercial loans. We do not lend on a borrower’s current residence/homestead nor commercial properties like rehab, rentals, etc. if inhabited by the borrower.

Yes. We will accept cross collateral as a form of down payment.

For fix and flip, fix to rent, and bridge financing, we will fund up to 65% loan to After Repair Value.

Yes. We have rehab only loan products as well as purchase and rehab loan products.

Assuming there is construction on the project, then yes. If there is no construction on the project, then we will only lend on the as-is value.

  • Single Family Residential (SFR)
  • Duplexes
  • Triplexes
  • Quads
  • Multi-Family
  • Self-Storage
  • Warehouse
  • Office Space
  • Strip Malls
  • Other Commercial

In markets that we are comfortable, we will lend up to 50% on the as-is value of the land. We only fund deals such as this with experienced investors of this product who have a clear exit strategy.

The speed at which you help us complete your file will determine how quickly we can move. Many of our clients have a preset folder that include all of the personal information, business entity information, asset statements, as well as all the necessary project information which includes:

  • Property Address
  • Scope of Work
  • Exit Strategy
  • Contract for Purchase
Organization and communication will enable us to move as quickly as the title company.