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College Roommates Turned Business Partners

Grant and Chris have been drafting business ideas since they first roomed together their freshman year of college at the University of Cincinnati.

Throughout college, they both launched a number of product-based businesses jointly and independently. Following college, Chris worked in finance for General Electric, while Grant worked at a family startup.

Chris left his job in 2021 with no backup plan, but a certainty that the traditional corporate path was not going to fulfill him.

Meanwhile, Grant continued working at the family startup in roles that ranged from Warehouse Manager to VP of Trade Relations. 

While completing David Goggins 4 x 4 x 48 challenge in 2019, Grant received his first opportunity to do a private loan on a residential fix and flip.

The loan was for $250,000 in Deerfield Township, OH and proved a success for all parties involved. Grant continued to finance more deals with a mix of private and institutional capital. 

In 2022, Chris joined the firm as Principal Underwriter to handle the increased lead flow and implement key operational initiatives while Grant worked increasingly on backend operations to service a growing portfolio.

Our Story Uncut

Private Capital

All capital is privately sourced to provide a consistent pool of funds no matter the market cycle.

Local Lenders

In-house appraisals/inspections means we fund deals that other national lenders won’t.

Fast Closings

Our streamlined systems and processes give you the clarity and confidence you need to close fast.

Rapid Disbursements

Construction funds are available for disbursement in 24 hours.

Your goal. Our Mission.

Great Projects. Perfectly Executed.

We understand the timeliness and consistency of capital needed when it comes to running and scaling your investment business.

We aim to be your reliable, consistent source of capital for all things real estate.


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